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Fiona Fenn

Adult Fantasy Villain POV MM Romance

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What if the bad guys won...and Regretted it?

He accidentally cursed himself...

When the consequences get him exiled to the land he helped terrorize, can ​this evil wizard find redemption... and love?

Orpheus can't believe it's come to this. After helping his childhood friend ​conquer the realm by raising an army of hell-beasts, the befuddled dark ​sorcerer finds himself banished when the price of his magic endangers the ​palace. Isolated and betrayed, Orpheus isn't exactly thrilled when his ​irritating and handsome rival keeps stepping between him and certain doom.

Ill at ease in the barren wasteland his powers created, Orpheus slowly warms ​to the charismatic ex-general's relentless overtures. But as his feelings grow ​more intense, the former villain struggles with an inconvenient calling ​towards heroism.

Will dabbling in good deeds get him killed or open the doors to happily ever ​after?

The Crack at the Heart of Everything is the charmingly swoon-worthy first ​book in an epic LGBTQ+ fantasy series. If you like character-driven stories, ​snarky humor, and well-earned redemption arcs, then you'll adore Fiona ​Fenn's unexpected hero's journey.

Reviews Are In...

An emotional, witty fantasy ​which surprises and delights, ​Fenn’s debut weaves ​together a powerful story ​about finding one’s place in ​the world, being open to love, ​and defying fate to live the ​story one wants to tell.

- Laura R. Samotin, author of ​The Sins On Their Bones

An enchanting debut that ​masterfully weaves dark magic, ​redemption, and a tender slow-​burn romance into a captivating ​LGBTQ+ fantasy. Perfect for ​fans of character-driven tales, ​snarky banter, and epic ​redemption arcs, this novel is an ​adventure brimming with cozy ​vibes, emotional depth, and a ​romance that will sweep you off ​your feet!

- Aiden Thomas, NYT Bestselling ​author of The Sunbearer Trials

This book was a true delight. ​A villainous wizard coming to ​terms that his life isn’t all ​that it had seemed - that he ​was manipulated and ​abandoned. Yet he goes on a ​journey and finds love, and a ​place to belong along the ​way.

- Danielle, Goodreads Reviewer

Character Art

Orpheus & Fenrir - Art by@nir4z

Orpheus - Art by @bergoltsbella

Magic card by @thebuffwriter

About Fiona Fenn

Fiona Fenn is an author of fantasy novels that put complicated ​“heroes” front and center. A fan of villains, redemption arcs, and ​intense explorations of healing in all its forms, her debut novel, ​The Crack at the Heart of Everything, is a love letter to every ​villain who wanted to do better but never got the chance.


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